Monday, 13 February 2012

My First Blog !

So I've decided to try out this blogging thing.... Quite a few people I know seem to be doing it including Blu Tac Bandit so I thought if someone as cool as him is doing it I might give it a go :-) As I've put in my description box this blog isn't about anything specific, just the many thoughts that go around in my head at times... I've never actually blogged before so sorry if I'm really rubbish at it or it gets boring!  I'm not completely new to writing as I keep a private diary but I've just never written on a public blog before...
So this morning my day has pretty much started off the same as usual..... between wring this I'm doing my morning medications, I've done my morning tablets with consist of antifungal tablets for my Aspergillus (which is a reaction to a normal fungi that is in the environment naturally) this doesn't cause a problem to normal healthy people but because of my Cystic Fibrosis my immune system is compromised so things that don't affects most people becomes a problem for me... basically I've become allergic to it and my lungs respond my creating inflammation.... I can't actually avoid this as it's in the air so I breath it invery day... but I take these tablets to try and rid my system of the aspergillus to try and lessen the reaction..  I also take a oral antibiotic called Doxycycline, this keeps infections at bay... I grow 2 serious bugs in my lungs, MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and pseudomonas.... these bugs aren't dangerous to other people (you wont catch them from me) I only have them because my immune system is compromised so I pick things up alot easier then most people... unless you yourself are very ill and also have a weakened immune system then you aren't at risk from me... normal healthy people rarely ever catch these type of bugs.. ... Thirdly I take a tablet called Carboceistine which is suppose to help keep the phlegm in my lungs loose and watery so it's easier to clear from my lungs.... and lastly for my morning tablets I take a Calcium tablet as people with CF don't absorb vitamins and calcium very well so we take these to help us avoid osteoporosis down the line (which is a problem for a few people with CF as they get older..... as in late 20s or earlier depending on the person) I don't personally have any problems with my bones as of yet though..

Now usually I would do my morning nebulisers which are Ventolin and Ipratropium (these open my airways to make it easier to breath as my airways collaps easily and have lots of sticky mucus in them so I need to keep them fully open with these nebs) also I have something called Pulmozyme (this helps keep the mucus loose and watery so I can cough it up more easily and lastely I have Colomycin which is a nebulised antibiotic to keep the infection in my lungs down.... This morning I've had a small bleed though (which isn't completely unusual, I've had them before) I had a bit of a coughing fit and a small blood vessel must have poped.... so I've decided not to do my nebs just in case it irritates it more and causes another bleed... will do them later instead... 

not the nicest to look at sorry lol

So today I have a few things to do..... I need to order another bottle of gas as mine seems to have ran out... it really hasn't lasted long but then it's been really cold so I've had my heater on continuously plus using the oven to cook... I also need to try and book a table somewhere nice for Valentine's day (which I'm worried I've left a bit late in true Charmaine style) but hopefully I can still get one... it was my turn to plan Valentine's day this year as Neil planned it last year and he's obviously not well at the minute.... My planning skills aren't as good as Neil's though unfortunately :/ I always leave things to the last minute! Also going to find out about starting some Yoga  classes... A few people seem to recommend it for helping the lungs and I need to get into some kind of exercise (exercise has never been something I've done but I think now is as good a time to start as any.... need to get these lungys working to their best)  And that's pretty much it really..... that's my plan for today, apart from the usual everyday stuff like being a domestic godess haha! :-)

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