Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Got to take the good with the bad…

I for one am very pleased that the sunshine has decided to come back again :-)  All the rain and wind has been making me feel a bit miserable, especially as I haven’t been able to do much walking or cycling as I usually do, which might seem like a good way of getting out of doing exercise, but exercise actually makes me feel better and happier and I’ve missed it… (Never thought I would be saying that)

As it was a nice day and I haven’t seen my sister much lately, we decided to have a girl’s day out, me, my two sisters Marie and Sophie, and baba (Lisa-Marie). So I got ready this morning to pick my sister and baba up from theirs, I was all ready and set, then my mum told me some of the roads in Exeter were closed because the Queen was visiting, so I had to go the long way to my sisters that I don’t know very well….  I was a bit annoyed about this, because fair enough if she wants to visit Exeter, but getting roads closed causing disruption to other people?!  I know she’s the Queen but she’s just one person, closing the roads probably caused loads of people problems…  And what exactly did she come to Exeter to do?  There didn’t seem like any particular reason for her visit, she just came, waved a lot and spoke to a few select people (as in about 3 people) then left.  She could have done that in London..  Also how do we actually know it was the real Queen?  It could have easily just been a lookalike, so not only was I late arriving at my sisters because of the Queen; it may not have even been the real Queen!  She was probably at home having a cup of tea, watching the fake Queen on TV and giving her marks out of 10 on being like her…But I don’t really want to think about this because that would just rub salt in the wound.  I hope in future if we ever get another royal visit it will be one of the more interesting royals, like Kate Middleton or Prince Harry… As you can probably tell I’m not much of a royalist haha..

Anyway, I got to my sisters, eventually, and we all had a bit of a bad experience.  On my way up the lane that leads to my sisters we saw two dogs walking from the bungalow further up from where my sister lives, they were lurcher dogs…I knew they must have got loose as apparently the people who own them work all day and the dogs were alone… I followed them back up the lane thinking they would head back up to the bungalow where they live, but instead they turned into my sisters… at first I didn’t think anything of this as they looked like harmless dogs…. So once I got up the lane to my sisters we got out of the car, but the pushchair etc in ready and put baba in her car seat in the car…then suddenly the two lurcher dogs came towards us, then started to viciously attack the other dog that lives at my sisters… Lucky, the dog that got attacked is a very sweet natured dog, and everyone that meets her says how lovely she is, so to see her get attacked and squeal in pain while these two horrible dogs were biting her was really upsetting… Marie grabbed her to try and protect her but they were still trying to bite her and I was shouting at them to stop and wiping them… eventually they backed off and ran off back down the lane… so my sister grabbed Lucky and locked her inside so they couldn’t get to her, she was bleeding a little bit from a small bite, but thankfully she wasn’t badly hurt..  I know they say you shouldn’t get between fighting dogs, but I know they would have killed her if we didn’t… and she’s such a lovely and loyal dog we couldn’t see her get hurt.  So that part of the day wasn’t very nice, but thankfully no one was hurt.

After we made sure Lucky was ok and locked her in we headed for lunch at the Harvester in Exeter, I hadn’t been their for years so wanted to see how good the food was (it was ok, but nothing to write home about, so I wouldn’t recommend it) also the waiting time was ages considering there weren’t many people their and the staff weren’t very helpful or overly friendly, but it was nice spending time with my sisters talking, and baba made lots of new friends by waving to everyone that walked past and saying rahhhhh to them, she’s been saying a few words lately, rahhhhh, mum, dada and yum, or at least it sounds like it..  I’m biased because she’s my niece but she’s the cutest and loveliest baby I’ve ever seen and as she’s getting older she’s starting to have her own little personality:

View from the Harvester